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Here are my favorite pics from our vacation this year:

There are more in my scrapbook if you care to take a peek... I would write a little link right here for you to click on but I lack the time to figure out how it's done.

Samantha is a real cutie. She took her first independent step this morning... coming toward me!!! It was a little one but it was still big! We're all so excited:) Maybe she'll be walking by her birthday so I can put her in a dress? (She can't crawl wearing a dress). Who knows... we'll just see. No pressure.

I'll be framing one of these babies to mark my place on the cottage walls next year!

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Another reason why I love him.

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So Samantha got her birthday present a tad early this year (a play kitchen). Really, I had no idea that she would even be able to enjoy it this soon! This was the first time she saw it (a couple of weeks ago) and she immediatly took a liking to it!
Now all she needs are some accessories. All she has right now is a slice of white bread, leaf of lettuce and a waffle. But those with culinary skill make due.


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Today, Joshua and I celebrated our two-year anniversary (one day early)! I can't believe it's already two years... but then, I can't believe it's ONLY been two years... It's just awesome. I love him!
I was going to suprise him with a round of golf at a fancy new course in the area, but my poor baby has neck pain and was told by his doctor to try not to move his neck this weekend. bummer:(
So instead we enjoyed some yummy Rich Farms ice cream and enjoyed each others company at Southford Falls and just relaxed (my mom had Samantha). We'll do the golfing thing when he gets better.
We had fun taking some pictures while we were at the park... but the memories are still better.
hummm... wanna see some really BAD ones? ha ha!

a... DER!!!

umm... yeah... that's my husband. Obviously messing around. I don't think he really thought I could get it though. BLACK MAIL!!!!

We had such a nice relaxing time today though. And I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband... who is also my best friend:) I love him SO SO much!

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Ok, I'm feeling a bit less "blank" today...

This was Sami's first trip to the beach; in North Hampton, NH. (As you might have already figured out by seeing her in Rah's lap.
She didn't really like it... especially when we got her close to the water.

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